Dancing Water Pavillion

South Korea, Seoul

Water contains unlimited energy. The energy can transform in many different ways.
Rippling of water tells it to us. It is continuously rippling by wind or kind of vibrations. It is showing the energy flowing that is not visible.

The cityscape of Seoul is mainly made of nature: mountains and waterway. Especially Han-river is one of main nature elements that consist in contemporary Seoul.
Nowadays many cultures of city are together with Han-river. Routine urban life is refreshed by Han-river’s energy. Han-river is the cradle of Seoul.

The form of the proposal is created by the transformation of water dynamic energy.
The rippling of water is a dance with wind and generates forms. Hence, the form is generated by the flow of energy. Consequently it create natural geometry and becomes structure itself.

It is formed by open structure floated on the water. It is designated for public open space. The space is flexible for various cultural programs for Seoul: concert, exhibition etc. At night the illumination will be brightening the cityscape.

Water is dancing in the city. It will be an icon of city of Seoul.

Seoul Design Olympiad, International Competition: Bronze Medal Award

Total building area: 2.500 m2
Competition date: 2008
Phase: Concept Design
Team: Angelo Tomaiuolo, Yeol Park, Gianluca Littardi